Chiny: a new business park available soon

In June, work began on a brand new mixed-use business park in the municipality of Chiny. Located next to the Jamoigne exit on the Florenville-bound N83, this 3.5 hectare park is designed to accommodate mainly SMEs and VSEs.

New spaces for business

In February 2019, a ministerial order was adopted approving the municipal plan to develop the park. Two years later, now that all the technical studies have been completed, the appropriate permits and subsidies have been secured and the public contracts have been launched, IDELUX Développement and the municipal authorities are embarking on the process of getting the park ready for use.

Work has only just begun and 5 companies have already expressed an interest in setting up offices at the park in a diverse range of fields, from the maintenance of green spaces to construction and development and the automotive sector.

This work, carried out by LECOMTE, is due to be completed during 2022. It includes the construction of new roads to serve the new platforms and access the Faing park, the creation of a roundabout to ensure safety for the two entrances to the business park and the entrance to the village, as well as the installation of all utilities for the plots (water supply, drainage with a storm basin, fibre optic infrastructure, LED public lighting and electricity).


A particular focus on sustainable development

These days, business parks need to be integrated living spaces that fit in with environmental and urban planning issues.

In Jamoigne, the focus was on soft mobility, with the development of pedestrian walkways and attractive public spaces.

Similarly, particular attention has been paid to blending in with the landscape and preserving biodiversity within the project. Plants (36 tall standard trees and 2,580 shrubs) on the outskirts of the site as well as on the verges include 1,050m of hedgerows, which will create an ecological network that will gradually establish itself in the landscape.

Other elements of sustainable development have also been incorporated, such as the installation of charging stations and spaces for electric cars, the sharing of public facilities (water management systems, pedestrian walkways etc.), respect for a good cut-and-fill balance, the installation of less energy-intensive lighting, such as programmable LEDs and the use of locally sourced materials.


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