TheraVet starts its US operations in its Texas-based subsidiary !

TheraVet S.A., the specialist of the osteo-articular diseases of small companion animals, announced today the incorporation of its Texas-based subsidiary and the launch of its activities in the United States of America.

Theravet conquering Uncle Sam

TheraVet is a company to which Luxembourg Développement Europe 2 has contributed in 2017 and 2018 in capital for nearly € 150,000 in the development of a line of biological products for veterinary medicine.


TheraVet is based in Gosselies (administrative headquarters) and they are currently renting labs at the CER Group in our Novalis Science Park (Aye), where they carry out their development activities.

You will find here a press release regarding the incorporation of their Texas subsidiary and the launch of US operations.

In this context, TheraVet USA will carry out a confirmatory clinical study to confirm the safety and efficacy of its VISCO-VET product for the treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs.

This clinical study will be conducted in collaboration with private clinics and universities, including the University of Texas A & M.

The creation of TheraVet USA will also facilitate access to the United States, the market leader in pet health care, and generate the first revenues of TheraVet ! 


IDELUX has signed an economic partnership with its Texas counterpart, The Research Valley Partnership, to develop transatlantic collaborations between Walloon and Texas companies.

Companies based in the Novalis Science Park have benefited from this partnership and now, do business in the US market. It is also the case for :

  • BioTurnkey specialized in the provision of advanced products and services for the personalized medicine sector;
  • Revatis AM wich is active in cellular therapy for horses.

If you want to know more about this venture virtual office, click here !

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